Business Kentucky is a great place to locate or expand your business, offering a positive economic environment and a quality workforce. Get information on licenses/permits, taxes, environmental concerns, farming & agriculture, and other business resources.

Start a Business

Planning, Starting, Operating, or Expanding a Business

The Kentucky Business One Stop Portal is here to create an easy-to-use environment where Kentucky's businesses can find the requirements and tools they need to own and operate a business in Kentucky.

Incentives & Programs

Kentucky's pro-business climate provides a number of incentives for ​businesses including tax, financial, and other business incentives.

Site Selection

Whether you are an existing business with an opportunity to expand or a company evaluating our state for a new business location, Kentucky offers valuable resources to assist in the site selection/expansion process.

Procurement & Exporting

The Kentucky Export Initiative was created to bring together agencies and organizations in Kentucky that help facilitate international trade opportunities for Kentucky exporters.

Businesses interested in selling their goods or services to Kentucky state government can view opportunities 24/7.

Taxes & Forms

The Kentucky Business One Stop website offers an in-depth overview of taxes – federal, state and local – required of businesses operating in the Commonwealth, including:

  • Federal Tax Registration Requirements
  • State Tax Registration Requirements
  • Special State Tax Registration Requirements
  • Local Requirements

You can electronically file many articles online through the Office of the Secretary of State, or

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Agri-Business & Farming Assistance

With over 76,400 farms, accounting for 51% of its land, Kentucky encourages economic development, business expansion, and job creation, aiming to provide financial support through an array of agribusiness-focused financial assistance and tax credit programs.

Farm Safety & Conservation

Increasing safety awareness and providing educational resources helps ensure the safety of Kentucky's farmers and their families.

Kentucky is a beautiful place. Conservation programs strive to manage, enhance and promote wise use of the Commonwealth's natural resources.

Kentucky Proud

Joining Kentucky Proud is easy. Best of all — it's free! Click on the link below and fill out the online application, or print the application and mail or fax it to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

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Our Environment

Air Quality & Alternative Energy

Air pollution should be prevented or reduced whenever possible.In addition to our air monitoring and permitting programs, the Division for Air Quality works with counties and local communities to find strategies to reduce air pollution. The division also offers free air quality education and outreach to all ages and audiences.

Requirements & Permits

The natural resources Kentucky charge us with responsibility of good stewardship.

From Air Quality to Compiance Assisatnace, Waste Managerment, and Water, the Department for Environmental Protection provides guidance on regulations, requirement

Incentives & Energy Savings

Kentucky boast many sources of renewable energy including solar, wind, landfill gas, geothermal, biomass & hydroelectric power.

Tax credits are available for solar water heating, solar photovoltaic, small wind turbine systems and geothermal heat pumps.

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KY Businesses

Locate a Business

Whether you are in the process of forming a new company, completing filings for your existing entity, or looking for information about a business, the Secretary of State's online searches are the right place to start.

Tax Information & Resources

The Kentucky Department of Revenu provides a wide range of tax-related guidance documents and forms, including:

Sales & Use, Corporation Income, Pass-Through Entities, Tobacco, Motor Fuels, Motor Vehicle Usage, and others.

Licensing & Permits

Kentucky does not have a statewide business license that applies to all businesses, but certain types of businesses are required to have a special license or permit to legally operate their business. In some cases, more than one license may be required.

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