Frankfort, Ky. (March 2, 2021) – Secretary of State Michael Adams condemned House Resolution 1, currently being debated in the U.S. House of Representatives, as a hostile takeover of Kentucky’s successful election process, and asked Kentucky’s congressional delegation to oppose the measure.

“Kentucky’s elections in 2020 were a national success story, because our voters saw Republicans and Democrats work together across party lines to agree on fair rules,” Adams said. “H.R.1 would have only the Democratic Party writing the rules, for Kentucky and the entire country. This bill would prohibit state officials from deciding how to run state elections. I hope Governor Beshear is as outraged as I am.”

H.R. 1 would:

  • Block Kentucky’s new Photo ID to Vote law, championed by the Secretary of State
  • Restrict Kentucky’s ability to clean up its voter rolls
  • Automatically register people to vote without their consent
  • Force Kentucky to expand mail-in voting without voter identification

The measure establishing national one-party election rules is being considered just days after the Kentucky House passed an election reform bill by a 93-4 vote, reflecting bipartisan consensus in support of the election plan implemented by Secretary Adams in cooperation with Governor Beshear last year.

“National Democrats like Hillary Clinton attacked Kentuckians as vote suppressors last year, and got egg on their faces as our state’s elections became the model for the rest of the country. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies need to butt out and leave us Kentuckians to design and run our own elections.”