On March 16, exercising an emergency power granted to his Office under Kentucky law, Secretary of State Michael G. Adams formally recommended to Governor Andy Beshear that the elections scheduled for May 19 – Democratic and Republican primaries, plus special and local option elections around the state – be delayed by 35 days, to June 23. Governor Beshear agreed and signed an executive order to that effect.

“Kentucky law allows the Secretary of State and the Governor to jointly act to change the time of an election due to a state of emergency,” Adams stated in an official video posted on Twitter. “Postponing the primary was not an easy decision, but the Republican Secretary of State and Democratic Governor agree, and so do county clerks of both parties – and they are our frontline election administrators.”

“My hope is that this delay will allow us to have a normal election,” Adams continued. “Even if not, this delay will allow me, the State Board of Elections, and our county clerks time to assess what changes we must make to ensure a successful election.”

The Secretary of State’s Office will keep you updated through this website.