Gov. Beshear Announces More Than $7 Million in CARES Act Reimbursements for 20 Central Kentucky Local Governments

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Sept. 15, 2020) – In collaboration with the Department for Local Government (DLG), today, Gov. Andy Beshear announced 20 Central Kentucky governments were approved for $7,009,885 in reimbursements from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for local governments with expenses related to COVID-19.

“Our local governments have been lifelines in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gov. Beshear. “This funding is crucial as we work to restart and rebuild Kentucky’s economy while continuing to keep Kentuckians safe.”

“Our rural communities have seen their economies hit especially hard because of COVID-19,” said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman. “Gov. Beshear is working with local and federal leaders to ensure all Kentuckians have the resources they need to be healthy and safe. This CARES Act funding is critical so that every Kentucky community can continue offering services upon which our neighbors depend.”

DLG Commissioner Dennis Keene said the reimbursements are essential for local governments.

“Local governments are experiencing decreases in revenue, making this funding critical while we combat COVID-19,” said Commissioner Keene. “Our staff is working diligently to make the process efficient so we can get reimbursements to local governments as quickly as possible.”

Bourbon County
Bourbon County will use $409,003 for signage, sanitizing supplies, PPE, telework equipment and first responder payroll.

Clark County
Clark County will use $687,295 for payroll expenses.

“CARES act funding will serve as much needed boost to county governments across the state, and Clark County taxpayers in particular during these uncertain economic times,” said Clark County Judge/Executive Chris Pace. “We would like to thank all those involved with helping to provide this much needed funding.”

Clinton County
Clinton County will use $233,244 for EMS and sheriff’s department payroll.

Marion County
Marion County will use $559,859 for PPE, protective barriers and EMS, sanitation workers and sheriff’s department payroll.

“Marion County is grateful to have received CARES funding during this pandemic,” said Marion County Judge/Executive David R. Daugherty. “We were able to completely retrofit our government building with barriers that will prevent the viral spread. We also purchased adequate PPE for our workers and resident visitors and have partially funded our sanitation department to assist in the collection of waste. We sincerely thank Gov. Beshear for providing Marion County with this windfall funding. The money was needed during this time of budgetary crisis.”

Russell County
Russell County will use $229,838 for PPE, sanitizing supplies, sheriff’s department payroll and telework equipment.

Burnside will use $64,931 for police officer and fire department payroll.

Graymoor-Devondale will use $213,203 for sanitizing supplies, telework equipment and first responder payroll.

Harrodsburg will use $479,081 for payroll expenses and PPE.

“The CARES Act funds we have received already added to the remaining balance we have just requested will make a major impact on Kentucky’s oldest city and will reduce our COVID-19 shortfall for this fiscal year by about 60 percent,” said Harrodsburg Mayor Art Freeman. “Thank you to Team Kentucky for the more than $600,000 in anticipated assistance and speedy response.”

Hillview will use $304,172 for PPE, telework equipment, police department payroll, family medical leave and protective barriers.

“The CARES funding has made it possible to buy equipment which will ensure the safety of our employees and our residents,” said Hillview Mayor James Eadens. “It is now possible for us to stream all our meetings so citizen no longer have to be present to know what our city is doing. We have used funding to construct partitions to keep our employees separate from the public and one another.”

Lancaster will use $149,543 for first responder payroll.

Mount Washington
Mount Washington will use $1,057,384 for food delivery, small business relief and police department payroll.

“On behalf of the City of Mount Washington, I wish to express our sincere thanks for the financial reimbursement being authorized by our Governor and administered by the Department for Local Government through the Coronavirus Relief Fund,” said Mount Washington Mayor Barry Armstrong. “The reimbursements we received for the salaries of our exceptional police officers and for the relief grants we provided to our incredible local small businesses during this difficult time has made a tremendous impact on our ability to continue to serve our community with distinction. The Governor’s staff has been attentive to every request we have made, whether it was impacting the entire community or simply one of its citizens in dire need. We collectively thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

New Castle
New Castle will use $8,888 for payroll expenses.

New Haven
New Haven will use $27,958 for protective barriers, telework equipment and police department payroll.

Nicholasville will use $34,783 for police overtime.

Paris will use $709,860 for payroll expenses.

Shepherdsville will use $890,417 for PPE, sanitation supplies and police and fire department payroll.

Simpsonville will use $186,947 for police department payroll.

Versailles will use $669,880 for small business relief and fire department payroll.

“The CARES Act reimbursement was critical to keeping our fire department fully functioning during this difficult time as well as helping shore up our struggling small businesses,” said Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott. “I am grateful to Gov. Beshear for making this money available to our local governments and Commissioner Keene and DLG for streamlining the reimbursement process.” 

West Buechel
West Buechel will use $91,968 for police department payroll.

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of Gov. Beshear to secure the CARES Act funding for local governments,” said West Buechel Mayor Brenda Moore. “The funds come at a time of reduced revenue, now spanning over two budget years. These funds will allow us to continue providing quality service to our citizens and business community.”

Whitesville will use $1,631 for PPE and plexiglass barriers.

Since the application was released in May, DLG has received approximately 300 applications from city and county governments across the commonwealth. Two hundred and eight local governments have been approved for reimbursement, totaling more than $106 million.

For additional information and to apply for reimbursement, visit DLG’s website.

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