Gov. Beshear Presents $268,000 for Bourbon County Park Improvements

Governor also presents $125,000 for upgrades to the Millersburg City Park

PARIS, Ky. (May 31, 2022)Today, Gov. Andy Beshear presented a $200,000 Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) award and a $68,810 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) award for improvements at Bourbon County Park. Gov. Beshear also presented a $124,953 award for improvements at the Millersburg City Park. These funds will be administered by the Department for Local Government.

“These investments show we are prioritizing outdoor spaces across the commonwealth to benefit our families,” Gov. Beshear said. “The awards presented today in Bourbon County will not only make a difference for Kentuckians, but they will also help this community continue to grow in the years to come.”

Bourbon County Park: Court Sports
Gov. Beshear presented a $200,000 LWCF grant to Bourbon County that will go toward building a court sports facility at Bourbon County Park. With the help of this grant, the county will develop two outdoor tennis courts, two outdoor basketball courts and one to two pickleball court(s). The grant will be accompanied by a multi-million dollar investment by the county to construct baseball, softball, soccer and football fields, running and walking tracks, playgrounds, restroom and concession facilities, an agriculture and equine center, fairgrounds and more. These funds will hasten the court sports facility project and lessen the financial burden for Bourbon County.

“The Bourbon County Fiscal Court is thrilled to have received notification that we have been awarded $200,000 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to be used on the court sports venue at the new Bourbon County Park,” Bourbon County Judge/Executive Mike Williams said. “The court sports venue is a significant part of a larger overall plan which will include a number of different competitive sports venues as well as casual and passive recreation areas. The Fiscal Court’s goals for the new recreation complex are to enhance our economic development position by attracting visitors to Bourbon County, as well as improving the quality of life for all residents of the community. I and all the Fiscal Court members appreciate the support from Gov. Beshear and Commissioner Keene, and staff members that are involved, to make this happen.”

Bourbon County Park: Walking and Jogging Trail
In addition to the $200,000 LWCF grant, Gov. Beshear also presented a $68,810 RTP grant to Bourbon County to build an 8-foot wide, .26-mile-long walking/jogging trail at Bourbon County Park. The path will create a continuous loop that will border a section of court sports within the park.

In addition to the above listed improvements, the park already includes the Bourbon County Cross Country Course, which hosts several state and national cross country meets. Bourbon County would like to create a regional point of interest for recreation and athletics, and draw participants and competitors across the nation, especially in cross country.

Millersburg City Park Improvements
Lastly, Gov. Beshear presented a $124,953 LWCF grant to the City of Millersburg for improvements to the Millersburg City Park. The project has four major components:

  • The construction of sidewalks, asphalt pavement, curbs, gutters and fencing;
  • The construction of ADA accessible ramps and walkways;
  • The installation of a circle walk; and
  • The installation of a fountain/splash pad.

“Cities the size of Millersburg are often quite short on funding such projects due to the lack of diversified local funding and look to civic minded organizations, state and federal sources for help so we can provide a better quality of life for our citizens, a charge and goal all governments share,” Millersburg Mayor Lee Hopkins said. “Millersburg reiterates the desire to share appreciation and thanks to this administration for this much needed assistance!”

Millersburg currently does not have a downtown recreation space like this, and this project will give residents an outdoor location for more fun activities in their community. This will help bolster the Millersburg Main Street area as Millersburg continues to build a business- and tourist-friendly environment downtown.

About the Land and Water Conservation Fund
The LWCF provides federal grant funds to protect important natural areas, to acquire land for outdoor recreation and to develop or renovate public outdoor recreation facilities such as campgrounds, picnic areas, sports and playfields, swimming facilities, boating facilities, fishing facilities, trails, natural areas and passive parks. To receive the federal funds, which are administered at the state level by the Department for Local Government, selected applicants must undergo federal review and receive approval from the National Park Service.

About the Recreational Trails Program
The RTP is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). It can be used to provide assistance for acquisition of easements, development and/or maintenance of recreational trails and trailhead facilities for both motorized and non-motorized use. The Recreational Trails Program benefits communities and enhances quality of life. All trails that have received FHWA funding must remain open to the public and maintained for perpetuity.