Gov. Beshear Announces ARC Grant for Breaks Interstate Park

Funds will allow for improved parking and hospitality facilities as well as a new trail

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 16, 2022) – Today, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Breaks Interstate Park will receive a $358,035 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for the Ratliff Hole Area Renovation Project. These funds will allow for improved parking and restroom facilities, repaving an access road and creating a new trail at the Ratliff Hole Area of Breaks Interstate Park. The Ratliff Hole Area is in Pike County.

The grant funding is administered by the Department for Local Government (DLG).

“Breaks Interstate Park is a natural wonder, and this investment shows Kentucky’s commitment to the success of our Appalachian regions,” Gov. Beshear stated. “This funding will allow more people to enjoy the park and see the beauty of Eastern Kentucky.”

DLG Commissioner and Gov. Beshear’s ARC Representative Dennis Keene explained, “These ARC funds will allow visitors of Breaks Interstate Park to have greater access to the natural beauty of Kentucky. These improvements will bring more guests to the park and be an economic boon to our commonwealth.”

ARC funds will be used to enhance the Ratliff Hole Area, which is less than 0.2 miles away from a future pedestrian suspension bridge. This project will provide a trail connection between the bridge and the Ratliff Hole Area, improve the existing parking and restroom facilities, add an additional parking lot to accommodate more traffic and repave an access road. These facilities accommodate swimmers and kayakers who use the Russell Fork River but have not been updated since 1990.

“The Breaks Interstate Park Commission has been engaged in an ongoing effort to expand our offerings on the Pike County portion of park property,” said Breaks Interstate Park Superintendent Austin Bradley. “To that end, we have secured over $1 million in funding for the construction of a pedestrian bridge across the Russell Fork River, which will serve as a spectacular new trailhead for the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail.”

Upon completion, the bridge will become the longest pedestrian swinging bridge (750 feet) in the United States. These upgrades, along with other site improvements, are designed to double the number of visitors to the park over the next three years.

“The grant we are now receiving, through the Appalachian Regional Commission’s POWER Initiative, will make it possible to completely upgrade the roads, parking lots, access trails, and restroom facilities located at the trailhead,” Superintendent Bradley continued. “Thanks to these upgraded facilities, the park’s visitors will be better able to enjoy the myriad of hiking, fishing and kayaking opportunities found on the park’s Kentucky property.”

In addition to ARC funds, local sources will provide $89,509, bringing the total project funding to $447,544.

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