Beshear Takes Additional Steps Related to Blackjewel Mining Bankruptcy 

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 8, 2019) – Attorney General Andy Beshear announced today that his office is taking additional action to assist employees of the now bankrupted Blackjewel, LCC mining company in Harlan County. 

Beshear said the new steps his office is taking include dedicating an investigator to look into complaints related to clawed-back paychecks and concerns related to child support deductions. Beshear’s office has reached out to local county attorneys on these same child support issues.

Beshear is finally devoting mediators from his office to help employees mitigate debts owed to individuals or businesses as a result of bounced paychecks.  

After the Office of the Attorney General received numerous troubling complaints related to these issues, Beshear said Friday that his office would seek answers. 

“My office is taking action because these workers and their families deserve to know the truth,” said Beshear. “To the employees who have been treated unfairly – we are committed to using all our powers and resources to help.”  

Beshear asks anyone with complaints or information related to Blackjewel’s bankruptcy to contact his office at 502-696-5300 and ask to speak with Jan Velez. Beshear’s office will track and route each caller to the appropriate contact.

If a mediator is necessary, Beshear said they can help provide advice and support for employees who need help justifying lack of payment to creditors. In many cases, mediators from Beshear’s office are able to help find resolutions that work for both the person owing debt and the creditor.