Attorney General Cameron Joins Coalition Against Target’s Anti-Child, “LGBTQIA+ Pride” Campaign

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 7, 2023) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron joined a coalition to oppose Target Corporation’s (Target) extreme, anti-child “LGBTQIA+ Pride” campaign.

“Children should be children, free from the influence of radical gender ideology,” said Attorney General Cameron. “I won’t stand by while big corporations endanger and indoctrinate Kentucky kids. I joined this coalition to support parents in their fight to protect childhood innocence.”

In a letter to Target Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell, a coalition of seven attorneys general decried the corporation’s radical campaign, which sold LGBTQIA+ promotional products as part of a comprehensive effort to promote gender and sexual identity among children.

“Target reportedly promoted and sold products in our states that included, among other products, . . . girls’ swimsuits with ‘tuck-friendly construction’ and ‘extra crotch coverage’ for male genitalia,” the attorneys general write. “[It] also [sold] merchandise by the self-declared ‘Satanist-Inspired’ brand Abprallen, which is known for designs that glorify violence.”

The coalition reminds Target of its obligation to comply with the many laws passed to protect children from hypersexualized content and of certain fiduciary duties to Target shareholders. The coalition writes, “Target may not lawfully dilute its fiduciary duties to satisfy . . . left-wing activists’ . . . desires to foist contentious social or political agendas upon families and children at the expense of the company’s hard-won good will[.]”

“We live in a different day and age from our nation’s founding,” the attorneys general concede. “But certain immutable precepts and principles must always endure so long as America is to remain free and prosperous.” 

Attorney General Cameron’s message is clear—the woke agenda is not welcome in Kentucky. Today’s action is his latest effort to protect our children from a radical gender ideology.

Earlier this year, Attorney General Cameron joined 18 other states in filing a brief to stop the Biden Administration from forcing schools to allow biological males to compete on female sports teams, and he has vigorously defended Senate Bill 150, a commonsense law meant to protect our kids from life-altering, irreversible surgeries.

Attorney General Cameron was joined by attorneys general from Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina in sending today’s letter.

To read a copy of the letter, click here.